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Free Listing:


Let local online users know about your public events with this FREE resource. Community and commercial events are welcome!

If you have a calendar page on your own web site, you can create a Vibary Calendar Events listing to point to it.

Please do not abuse this benefit with frivolous or non-public  events. Once we ban your presence, it will be very hard to reinstate it.

Listing Fee

Premium Listing:

$ / week

Premium events are listed before Value listed events and/or with more prominence. The Premium Calendar Events page does not carry third-party ads.

You can list your event as FREE listing, and switch to PREMIUM listing for the last weeks before the event.

Listing Services:
Calendar Events

Do you have any of these community or business related events?

Then spread the word to local online users with FREE Calendar Events on the Vibary Network.


   Common Questions
  1. How do Calendar Events help me?
  2. How are Calendar Events different?
  3. What are the features of Calendar Events?
  4. How are Calendar Events catalogued?
  5. How are Calendar Events indexed?
  6. How much do Calendar Events cost?
  7. What do Premium Listings give me?
  8. Do I need a web site?
  9. How do I track Calendar Events?
  10. I want my Calendar Events

How do Calendar Events help me?

The Vibary Network is the new media for you to spread the word about your events to local users on the Internet. More and more are going online to see what's happening around them. You need to be online too, to capture the attention of this Internet-savvy audience.

But the Internet is vast, and your events may get lost if standing alone. You need to list your events with a local search engine, such as the Vibary Network.

How are Calendar Events different?

The Vibary Calendar Events should be your top resource for promoting your events to local users on the Internet.

Compare us with:

Traditional Media:
Traditional media are well established but have their own limitations. Their reach are limited to their own subscribers or their distribution coverage. On the other hand, the Internet is now in almost 70% of U.S. households, approaching 90% very soon. Everybody can access your online Calendar Events. On the Vibary Network, everybody means everybody from around here.

With traditional media, you are restricted by column space, air time, or other physical limitations. Not with the Vibary Calendar Events. You can describe your events to the fullest, and link out to your own web page, if you have one.

Traditional media is also fleeting, not searchable and intransigent. On the Vibary Network, you can publish your events several months in advance. During that time, local online users can discover your events by keyword search or catalog browsing. You can also re-edit your events at any time, at your convenience -- your changes will take effect almost immediately.

Other Online Calendars:
The Vibary Network has the local reach, with more facilities for local users to find and learn about your events than any other online calendars. See our feature list below.

What are the features of Calendar Events?

The Vibary Calendar Events are

• Self-Listed
You don't need to call us, or wait for us to review your listings. You create the listings yourself, and they will be published immediately.

To prevent bogus listings, we require a FREE VIP membership. Once we have validated their business or organization, we trust our VIP members to create listings that conform to the Terms and Usage of the Vibary Network. We do not verify Calendar Events at the time of publication, but we do investigate reports of possible violations.

• Easy to Enter
Just type the description of your event on the online form. Or link out to your existing event web page. Or upload an advertising flyer picture. We make it easy for you to promote your events.

• Easy to Update
Sign in at any time with your VIP membership, and modify your listings or even withdraw them, In the latter case, you will get a credit for the unused portion of your listing orders.

• Easy to Find
Your Calendar Events are catalogued for browsing by criteria and indexed for searching by keyword.

If you are thinking about organizing a local event, mark your calendar to remind yourself to create a Vibary Calendar Event at the earliest.

How are Calendar Events catalogued?

Vibary Calendar Events are catalogued to allow local consumers to browse for local events by:

  • Admission (free or charged.)
  • Audience (family, senior, kids, etc.)
  • Date (today, tomorrow, next 3 days, weekends)
  • Event type (performing arts, marketing, etc.)
  • Shopping malls (events listed within a mall)
  • Local communities
  • Business categories (such as restaurants)
  • Lifestyle channels (computer, sports, travel, etc.)
  • Recent listings

How are Calendar Events indexed?

Calendar Events are indexed by the Vibary Local Search engine to allow local consumers to search by entering keywords for:

  • Listing contents
  • Listing titles only
  • Listing business names
  • All Listings

The All Listings option returns Calendar Events listings in conjunction with other Vibary Listings (such as jobs, classifieds, yellow pages, coupons) from the same entered keyword.

The Vibary Network is also indexed by major Internet search engines. This gives your local Calendar Events an extra world-wide Web exposure, at no extra cost or effort from you.

How much do Calendar Events cost?

All Calendar Events can be listed as FREE listings. The Free listings are supported by third-party ads that are shown around the listing pages (such as banner ads on top and gallery ads on the side).

For enhanced showing, Calendar Events can be listed as Premium listings which have a Listing Fee (as shown on the left).

You can create Value or Premium listings by yourself. If you ever need our help to create a listing for you, there is a separate Studio Fee.

From times to times, the Vibary Network runs promotions on Calendar Events. Please check the current promotions page.

What do Premium Listings give me?

The Premium listings have all the features of Free listings and more:

  • Your listing page does not carry third-party ads. If you have purchased banner ads or gallery ads under your VIP membership account, they will be shown here.
  • Your listing is shown more prominently than Free listings in various browse or search results.

There is no obligation whatsoever for you to ever purchase a Premium listing in Calendar Events listings or any other Vibary Listing service, in order to list for FREE with Free listings.

Do I need a web site?

The Vibary Calendar Events are perfect to publish your local event online without the expense of running your own web site. The value of the Calendar Events here is to bring online users to your physical premises.

If you already have your own web site that contains an event page, you can create a Calendar Events listing and link to that page. You don't need to re-type the descriptions. The value of the Calendar Events here is to bring local prospects to your world-wide web site.

How do I track Calendar Events?

Every time a user looks at your Calendar Events listing, a page hit is recorded. Please sign in to view the daily statistics.

I want my Vibary Calendar Events

A FREE VIP membership is required.

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  • If you are already a member, please sign in.

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