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Give away stuff! Keep your business name in front of local consumers since everybody loves a freebie! Be friendly  environmentally, too. Instead of going to a landfill, your stuff is recycled through promotional re-use.

If you run sweepstakes giveaways please list it under Loots Listings

Listing Fee

Premium Listing:

$ / week

With such a low price, use the classifieds to advertise your clearance sale year round. Modify your ad very so often to keep the contents fresh and attract local online users to come to your store.

Sign in with your VIP Membership and make change to your ads at any time by yourself for FREE!

Listing Services:
BazAh!™ Classifieds.
The BazAh! Classified service helps local consumers become aware of products of exceptional values and limited quantity, that you are selling or looking to dispose.
  Common Questions
  1. How do BazAh! Classifieds help me?
  2. What are the features of BazAh! Classifieds?
  3. How are BazAh! Classifieds catalogued?
  4. How are BazAh! Classifieds indexed?
  5. How much do BazAh! Classifieds cost?
  6. What do Premium Listings give me?
  7. Do I need a web site?
  8. How do I track my BazAh! Classifieds?
  9. I want my BazAh! Classifieds

How do the Vibary BazAh! Classifieds help me?

If you are a business, use BazAh! Classifieds to:

  • Advertise unique items to draw users' attention to your products or services. For example, create a BazAh! Classifieds listing for your clearance items that you can update frequently.
  • Give away free items from your business, to raise its visibility among local users. Free items include promotional specialties (pens, cups, flying disks, etc.), or working items that you are disposing.

If you are an organization, do fund raising with BazAh! Classifieds. There are two ways, both are FREE:

  • Create a BazAh! Classifieds listing with your own VIP membership to list the donated items for sale.
  • Have your members and volunteers create private-party BazAh! Classifieds under their own Vibary user membership, and associate them with your VIP membership.

What are the features of BazAh! Classifieds?

The Vibary BazAh! Classifieds are

• Self-Listed
You don't need to call us, or wait for us to review your listings. You create the listings yourself, and they will be published immediately.

To prevent bogus listings, we require a FREE VIP membership. Once we have validated their business or organization, we trust our VIP members to create listings that conform to the Terms and Usage of the Vibary Network. We do not verify BazAh! Classifieds at the time of publication, but we do investigate reports of possible violations.

• Easy to Enter
Just type the description of your classified on our online forms. If you already have your classified on the Internet, just link to it instead of retyping. We make it easy for you to create your listing.

• Easy to Update
Sign in at any time with your VIP membership, and modify your listings or even withdraw them. In the latter case, you will get a credit for the unused portion of your listing orders.

• Easy to Find
Your BazAh! Classifieds are catalogued for browsing, and indexed for searching.

Your BazAh! Classifieds will class you one step ahead of your competitors!

How are the BazAh! Classifieds catalogued?

Vibary BazAh! Classifieds are catalogued to allow local consumers to browse by:

  • Classification (automotive, housing, merchandise, etc.)
  • Attributes (free-for-the-taking, wanted ads, etc.)
  • Shopping malls (classifieds within a mall)
  • Local communities
  • Business categories (such as restaurants)
  • Lifestyle channels (computer, sports, travel, etc.)
  • Recent listings
  • Good cause associations

How are the BazAh! Classifieds indexed?

BazAh! Classifieds are indexed by the Vibary Local Search engine to allow local consumers to search by entering keywords for:

  • Listing contents
  • Listing titles only
  • Listing business names
  • All Listings

The All Listings option returns BazAh! Classifieds listings in conjunction with other Vibary Listings (such as calendar, jobs, yellow pages, coupons) from the same entered keyword.

The Vibary Network is also indexed by major Internet search engines. This gives your local BazAh! Classifieds an extra world-wide Web exposure, at no extra cost or effort from you.

How much do BazAh! Classifieds cost?

General BazAh! Classifieds are Premium listings. They require a Listing Fee as shown on the left column.

The BazAh! Classifieds also have Value listings which are FREE. These are for:

  • Free-for-the-taking

The Free listings are supported by third-party ads that are shown around the listing pages (such as banner ads on top and gallery ads on the side).

You can create Value or Premium listings by yourself. If you ever need our help to create a listing for you, there is a separate Studio Fee.

From times to times, the Vibary Network runs promotions on BazAh! Classifieds. Please check the current promotions page.

What do Premium Listings give me?

The Premium listings are the customary listings for BazAh! Classifieds.

  • Premium listings do not have the restrictions of Free listings (see How much do BazAh! Classifieds cost?).
  • Premium listings do not carry third-party ads. If you have purchased banner ads or gallery ads under your VIP membership account, they will be shown here.
  • Premium listings are shown more prominently than Free listings in various browse or search results.

There is no obligation whatsoever for you to ever purchase a Premium listing in BazAh! Classifieds or any other Vibary Listing service, in order to list for FREE with Free listings.

Do I need a web site?

The Vibary BazAh! Classifieds are perfect to publish your local classified ads online without the expense of running your own web site. The value of the BazAh! Classifieds here is to bring online users to your physical premises.

If you already have your own web site that contains a classifieds page, you can create a BazAh! Classifieds listing and link to that page. You don't need to re-type the descriptions. The value of the BazAh! Classifieds here is to bring local prospects to your world-wide web site.

How do I track my BazAh! Classifieds?

Every time a user looks at your BazAh! Classifieds listing, a page hit is recorded. Please sign in with your VIP membership any time to view the daily statistics.

I want my BazAh! Classifieds

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