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Auto Forums:


As part of your VIP membership, you can manage the Auto Forums that are automatically created when Vibary user members review your various listings.

You can order the Premium Listing for all your Auto Forums.

Listing Fee

Premium Listing:

$ / week

The Premium Listing of Auto forums. gives you more control. Your Auto Forums will be shown with more prominence and without third-party ads.

One single Premium Listing order is applicable to all your Auto Forums.

Listing Fee

Custom Forums:

$ / week

You can order your own Custom Forums to solicit feedback on any topic from Vibary members, and to selectively display the reviews for public viewing. You have full control on your Custom Forums. Your Custom Forums are shown with prominence and do not carry third-party ads.

If you need help creating your Custom Forums, consider our Studio Services.

Listing Services:
FenzPost Forums.
FenzPost Forums let you receive reviews from local consumers about your various listings on the Vibary Network. You can also create your own customized forums to solicit feedback on other topics. Please use FenzPost Forums as your online suggestion boxes to help you improve your business.


Common Questions
  1. What are Auto Forums?
  2. Manage Your Auto Forums
  3. What is Premium Listing?
  4. What are Custom Forums?
  5. How much do FenzPost Forums cost?
  6. I want my FenzPost Forums

What are Auto Forums?

Auto Forums are created automatically when a Vibary consumer member writes a review about one of your listings.

You have one Auto Forum for each Vibary Listing Service that you use. Within that Auto Forum, each of your listings will have its own forum topic.

For example, you have created several event listings with the Calendar Events listing service. You will have one Auto Forum associated with Calendar Events for all those listings. When local users enter this Auto Forum, they will see all event listings shown as individual topics. They click on the topics to read current reviews. To contribute their own reviews, they have to sign in as Vibary members.

Manage Your Auto Forums

The Auto Forums are created automatically to publish all reviews made by Vibary members about your listings. You don't need to do anything to get this default behavior.

However we recommend that you manage your Auto Forums. There may be advertising spams and frivolous graffiti messages that clutter your Auto Forums. In general the Vibary Network does not check the veracity of the reviews before publishing them. There are also bona-fide reviews that may be negative to your business. You can control these reviews by signing in to the Vibary Network for Business and manage your Auto Forums. This service is FREE as part of your VIP membership.

When you manage your Auto Forums, you can hide reviews from public view (but not from viewing by Vibary members), and also mark them as spam. You can change the default behavior of your Auto Forums to hide the reviews first, which allow you to review and decide which ones to make viewable by all (public and Vibary members).

When you manage your Auto Forums, you can also reply to users' reviews using your VIP business credential.

What is Premium Listing?
You can order one single Premium Listing for all your Auto Forums. The benefits are:
More Prominence
Your Auto Forums will be displayed with more prominence than regular Auto Forums.
No Third-Party Ads
Your Auto Forums will be displayed without third-party ads, allowing local readers to concentrate on your business.
Alert Feature
You will be informed via e-mail whenever there are new reviews in your Auto Forums so you can take action promptly.
Private Conversation
In addition to public replies, you can chose to conduct conversations privately with the authors of the reviews.

You need to make only one single Premium Listing order to have the above benefits applied to all your Auto Forums. For Listing Fee, see the vignette on the left.

What are Custom Forums?

Custom Forums are forums that you create yourself to solicit feedback from local users about aspects of your business. Unlike Auto Forums whose topics are fixed to be the order listings you purchased in other Vibary Listing Services, you can create whatever topics you want with Custom Forums.

For example, you can order a Custom Forum about your products, create a topic for each of the product, and invite local users to write reviews about your products.

With Custom Forums, you have all the benefits of Premium Listing, plus additional control that you don't have with the Vibary created Auto Forums. For example, you can remove any reviews that you don't like from your Custom Forums.

See the vignette on the left for the Listing Fee of Custom Forums.

How much do FenzPost Forums cost?

The Auto Forums are FREE. There is also no cost to you to manage them.

If you decide to purchase a Premium Listing for your Auto Forums, then there is a Listing Fee, as shown on the left vignette.

All Custom Forums must be purchased. Their Listing Fee is shown on the left vignette. Besides the Listing Fee, there is an optional Studio Fee. The Studio Fee only applies if you need our help to create a Custom Forum for you. Most of the times, this is not needed since the Vibary Network for Business is designed to be self-service, and you understand your business better than anybody else.

From times to times, the Vibary Network runs promotions on FenzPost Forums. Please check the current promotions page to see if there is any.

I want my FenzPost Forums

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