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Welcome To The Vibase™ Site

The Vibase web site, also known as the Vibary Network for Business, is the place for local businesses and organizations to create, maintain and track all kinds of online listings that are then shown on the Vibary Network for consumers.

The Vibary Network:
The Vibary Network is a metropolitan network of local municipal or neighborhood web sites that allows local consumers to search and find all kinds of local online listings.
The Vibase Site (Vibary Network for Business):
There is one single Vibase web site per metropolitan area for all businesses and organizations to come and create all kinds of online listings. The listings can target a specific local Vibary site or the whole metropolitan Vibary Network.
Getting Started:
To create online listings, local businesses and organizations must register with the Vibase site for a FREE Vibary Information Provider (VIP) membership. There is no obligation to ever purchase anything whatsover. Membership has benefits.
The Vibary Network for consumers has the vibary.net address, while the Vibase site has the vibase.net address.


To Vibary Network for consumers to see the Vibary Network in action.
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