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Monetary payments are made through your Piggey™ Account:
  1. Pay with Piggey Account
  2. Promotional Credit

Another option is to pay with your business gift certificates, instead of your hard-earned cash. This program is run from time to time. Please check to see if we are currently offering it.

Pay with Piggey Account

When you become a VIP Member, a Piggey™ Account is set up for you. You can access your Piggey Account at any time by signing into the Vibary Network for Business. When you order a Vibary Service, we will deduct the payment from your Piggey Account. If there is not enough money, you'll need to put money in to cover the purchase (we call it feeding Piggey).

You can feed Piggey in several ways:

  1. By credit card or money transfer through PayPal:
    You can deposit money via PayPal to your Piggey Account before ordering. If you are using our self-service online forms to purchase Listing Services, you can also feed Piggey during the ordering process, too. Read more about PayPal payment.
  2. By business checks:
    You can send us business checks at any time with your VIP username included. We will cash your check and credit your Piggey Account.
    You can send us a check to pre-pay for your orders, or to pay off an invoice (see below).
  3. By invoices:
    For Placement Services and Studio Services, when we debit your Piggey Account and it does not have enough money, we will contact you via e-mail asking you to feed Piggey through PayPal. If your Piggey Account remains in arrears 2 days after the e-mail, we will send you an invoice via postal mail.

    While your Piggey Account carries a negative balance, you will not be able to purchase Listing Services via our self-service forms, unless you also pay the negative balance along with the Listing Fee of the new order during the ordering process.

The money you put into your Piggey Account is called paid-in money.

The Vibary Network does not run a bank, therefore the paid-in money does not earn any interest. The Piggey Account is a convenience facility for you to purchase small listings without having to keep re-entering payment information. This also helps us keep the credit card transaction fee low and pass the saving to you by maintaining our Listing Fees and Placement Fees affordable.

We also feed Piggey by depositing promotional or rewards money into your Piggey Account. This money is called promotional credit. See the section below on restrictions on promotional credit.

Promotional Credit
Promotional credit is the money we give it to you FREE to promote a feature, to reward you for your patronage, or to redeem ourselves from a mishap. You can use this credit to pay for the Listing Fees and Placement Fees. You cannot use the credit to pay for Studio Fees. Studio Fees can only be paid with paid-in money.

See our current promotions for programs that may earn you promotional credit.


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