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  1. An Introduction to PayPal
  2. Feeding Piggey Through PayPal


An introduction to PayPal:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

PayPal is a third party service provider that allows money to be sent or received over the Internet. PayPal is the number one payment system on the auction site eBay, so much that eBay ended up buying the company.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can request a FREE PayPal Business account or a FREE PayPal Personal account. You can then provision your PayPal account with either a credit card or a checking account. Your credit card or checking account information is kept secure by PayPal and is not known to us.


Feeding Piggey Through PayPal

All Vibary Services are paid through your Piggey Account. Putting money into your Piggey Account is called feeding Piggey.

You should feed Piggey through this process:

  1. Sign in to the Vibary Network for Business
  2. Select Piggey Account then Replenish Piggey

This process will bring you to the PayPal web site with embedded information from the Vibary Network for Business (the Vibase site). Note that payment will be made to Viba Fima, inc., the owner of the Vibary Network service. You need to follow through all the PayPal payment screens until you come back to the Vibase, where we will credit your Piggey Account with your payment.

When you do a self order of a Vibary Listing Service, your ordering flow will be redirected to the Feed Piggey process above if your Piggey Account cannot cover the Listing Fee.

If you plan to self order several Vibary Listings, it may be more convenient for you to pre-feed Piggey once with enough money to cover all your purchases. You then avoid the hassle of being sent to PayPal for each individual order.

WARNING: Do not use the PayPal Send Money feature on the PayPal web site to send money to us. Were we to receive money this way, we would need to manually feed Piggey for you, raising the possibility of a wrongly selected Piggey or a mistyped payment amount.


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