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Listing Services let local businesses list their offers on the Vibary Network. The listings are either free or at a very low cost. Local consumers find the listings through local search and by browsing by listing categories.
Current Listing Services
Calendar Listings
Classified Listings
Directory Listings
FenzPost Forums
Good Causes Listings
Job Post Listings
Local News Listings
Loot Chances Listings
Savings Listings

   Common Questions
  1. How can Listing Services help my business?
  2. How do Listing Services differ
  3. How much do they cost?
  4. Free Listings vs. Premium Listings
  5. Do I need a web site?
  6. How do I track the effectiveness?
  7. How do I sign up?

How can Listing Services help my business?

Listing Services position your business on the line of sight of local consumers when they are looking for a local service or product. When the consumers take the initiative to search, they most likely have a need. We want your business to be there for them.

To make listing easy, we design the Vibary Network for Business (the Vibase site) for quick, convenient, 24x7 self-service. To remove the cost factor, we price our Listing Services at unbeatable prices. Try first with our no-obligation Free Listings.

When local consumers have already taken the step to look for your business, is there any reason for you not to meet them all the way? See How do I sign up.

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How do Listing Services differ

You are already aware of the value of being there when consumers are looking. For example, you make sure that your business is listed in the phone books, that you submit your events to local publications.

The Vibary Listing Services offer the online version of such traditional print listings. We differ in:

  • Persistence: your listings are always available on the Vibary Network web site, not fleeting like a print ad. Our prices let you list for months and it still costs less than one print ad.
  • Discovery: your listings are indexed and catalogued. Local consumers can find your listings in any which way they search. Compare this to phone books where search is linear by category or alphabetical.
  • Convenience: local consumers can search any time and any where there is an Internet connection, from home to the neighborhood cafe. There is no need to keep space-hogging print books, newspapers or catalogues.
  • Easy to Change: you can modify or withdraw your listing at any time through our self-service. Most of the time, your change will be published immediately. For example, you can advertise a one-day event or special (e.g. "Big snow day! 10% extra if you brave the snow to come to us! Today only!").
  • Economy: just look at our prices. You cannot afford not  to be on the Vibary Network.

The Vibary Listing Services differ from other online services:

  • Local Comprehensiveness: our goal is to offer all kinds of listings that you need to present yourself in front of local consumers. If our current list does not satisfy your needs, please Contact Us.
  • Deep Local Coverage: our mission is to have a dedicated Vibary web site for each suburban municipality or city neighborhood that your potential customers work or live. Your listings also appear on the Vibary Network common web site for metropolitan coverage. The World Wide Web is vast -- we bring it down to the local level that matters to your business.
  • Technology Made Local: whatever technology big companies develop for the global Internet, we can bring it down to the local level. You can use the same technology of the "big boys" to better serve your local customers at a lower cost.

    For example, the Search technology on the Vibary Network is based on the Internet search technology but only covers things that have a local flavor within a metropolitan area.

  • Lower Cost: we love to mention this again. While some companies put your business online and charge you an arm and a leg, you can list for FREE on the Vibary Network, with no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything. If you decide to purchase, check our prices. You'll see that you really can afford to be on the Vibary Network.

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How much do they cost?

If you use our self-service to create your Vibary Listings, your only cost is the Listing Fee. This Listing Fee is $0 if you take advantage of the Free Listings. For Premium Listings, please check our Current Listing Fees. You will be pleasantly surprised about our Listing Fees.

If you ever need our help to create Vibary Listings for you, there is a Studio Fee in addition to the Listing Fee.

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Free Listings vs. Premium Listings

Every Vibary Service has Free Listings to introduce you to the service. Please check the Current Listing Services.

With Free Listings, you do not pay the Listing Fee. If you ever need our help to create the Free Listings for you, you will incur only the Studio Fee. If you do it yourself, you don't pay us anything. 

There is no obligation to purchase Premium Listings to use Free Listings.

Free Listings differ from Premium Listings in several areas:

  1. Restrictions
    In order to prevent abusive use of Free Listings and to preserve the value of our Premium Listings offer, we have some restrictions on Free Listings. Each individual Vibary Listing has its own policy.

    Don't let our restrictions stop you. Our Free Listings likely will give you more value than whatever online or offline service you are currently using. Even if you plan to purchase some Premium Listings, you should first take advantage of all the Free Listings that your membership to the Vibary Network accords to you.

  2. Prominence
    Both Free Listings and Premium Listings are indexed and catalogued the same way by the Vibary local search engine. However, when displayed, Premium Listings are usually shown before Free Listings, and with more prominence.
  3. Ads Supported 
    In order to sustain the Vibary Network, we have to display third-party ads on Free Listings pages. For Premium Listings, these ads will be removed and replaced with your own Placement Ads if you have them.

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Do I need a web site?

No, you don't need a web site. The Vibary Listings are self-contained. If you already have a web site, you can have your Vibary Listings link to your web site at no charge.

Many VIP members who do not have a web site, use their FingerWalk Directory Pages in their marketing material as their web presence. We are very honored by such use.

Note that the Vibary Network does not offer traditional web site hosting or design. There are many fine companies who specialize in this service. Please Contact Us for reference.

You may ask: "If I have my own web site, why do I need a Vibary Listing?". Having your web site is like having a store. You need to let people know about it. The Vibary Network local search and listings help local consumers discover your web site.

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How do I track the effectiveness?

You can still use the current techniques you are using to track your advertisements (such as having a different phone number or coupon code, or asking the clients).

In addition, as a VIP member, you can sign in and view the number of times users have clicked on your Listings. The statistics are sorted by months and days of the week.

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How do I sign up?

The Vibary Listing Services are only open to Vibary Information Providers (VIP) Members. If you are not yet a member, we invite to register for your FREE VIP Membership.

After your VIP membership has been approved, please sign in and take advantage of the Free Listings.

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