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The Vibase™ site, also called by its long name -  the Vibary Network for Business, is a web site for businesses. It is the companion site for the Vibary Network for consumers.

The Vibase site serves local businesses and organizations within a metropolitan area. It allows them to create all kinds of online listings, maintain and track them. The created listings will then be displayed on the Vibary Network for viewing by local consumers.

The Vibase site can be accessed:

The Vibary Network for consumers has the vibary.net address, while the Vibase site has the vibase.net address.
The Vibase site is protected
Access to the Vibase site is through the Vibary Information Provider (VIP) membership. The membership is FREE and requires validation.
The Vibase site is self-service
VIP members can sign in at any time to create, edit, withdraw, view tracking information about their online listings. Using the self-service online forms is FREE.
The Vibase site has FREE listings
Every type of Vibary listings supports FREE and Premium listings. Usually the low-cost Premium listings are shown more prominently and without third-party ads. There is no obligation whatsover to purchase a Premium listing or anything on the Vibase site in order to take full advantage of the FREE listings.



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