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The Vibary Network for Business is designed for self-service. You can sign in with your VIP Membership and create your Loot Chances listings using the online forms.

If you do not have the time nor the inclination to create a Loot Chances listing yourself, request our Studio Service.

NOTE: The Studio Service only covers the data entry and page design of your listing. This service does not cover the legal aspect of your listing. You are responsible to ensure that your listing is legal to be listed.

Loot Chances listings Studio Packages

Self Service   $0   You create the listing yourself.
Entry Package   $50   You give us an existing description of your listing and one picture - in print or digital format. We will create a Loot Chances listing for you using the Loot Chances online forms, and publish it on the Vibary Network.
Creative Package From
We work with you to create a custom Loot Chances listing page with up to 3 associated images. Your final cost depends on the complexity of the customized page and pictures.

You pre-pay the minimum Studio Fee of the package you select, and the balance once your listing is published. Afterwards, you can modify it yourself for FREE, or have us do it for you.


  1. The Studio Fee is in addition to any Premium listing fee.
  2. Purchasing a Studio Service will not enhance the standing of your listing within the browse and search results on the Vibary Network for consumers, unless such outcome is due to good writing from our Studio Service staff. You or any professional writer you hire can achieve similar or better outcome.

Request Studio Service


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