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VIP Membership

In order to use the Vibase (the Vibary Network for Business), you must register your business for the FREE VIP Membership.

VIP is the acronym for Vibary Information Provider. Consumers come to the Vibary Network looking for local information and values, provided by local businesses like you.

After you have registered, your VIP credential will be an assigned VIP username and a password that you select. You use your VIP credential to sign in to the Vibase.

Sign In Help

Do you have questions about your username or password or are you  having trouble signing in?  Whether you are looking for password guidelines or your password is faulty, lost or forgotten find helpful information here.

Membership Termination

Should you ever want to discontinue your free VIP membership (Oh No!), we provide you with the information needed to do so here.

Membership Reactivation

We love to welcome back former VIP members!


To Vibary Network for consumers to see the Vibary Network in action.
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