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Usually there is no need to terminate your VIP membership. VIP members are not obligated to purchase anything. By keeping your FREE VIP membership, you can enjoy the complimentary services, such as your FingerWalk Yellow Page listings and other values and promotions.

If you decide to terminate your VIP membership:

  1. First read the Membership Termination Policy. It describes what information will be deleted and what will be retained. In general, we eventually delete the confidential information, and reserve the right to retain the private and public information about your business, and to publish the public information on the Vibary Network web sites.

  2. Withdraw your current orders. Please note that the order withdrawal policy states any refund due on a withdrawn order is credited to your Promotional Piggey balance. Money in the Promotional Piggey balance cannot be converted to cash and redeemed to you. In this case we recommend that you let your current orders run their course before you terminate your VIP membership.

  3. If you have money in your Paid-In Piggey balance, please sign in and request a refund.

  4. Submit your termination request. Once your termination request has been submitted, your VIP membership will be moved to our inactive list for 183 days. During this period, your VIP membership is de-activated but not deleted.

  5. During the inactive period, you can reactivate your membership. After the inactive period, if you haven't reactivated your membership, it will be deleted as described in the Membership Termination Policy.


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