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If you cannot remember your password, we may be able to help jog your memory with your previously created password hint.   However,  if that doesn't work, you will need to create a new password. Your password is kept encrypted and is not available to any of the Viba Fima staff.

Get Your Password Hint

Click here to request that your password hint be sent to the Main Contact email address on file under your VIP Membership Account. Hopefully, the password hint  will refresh your memory about your current password.

Obviously to use the Password Hint feature, you must have set up a password hint in the first place. For security reasons, you can only set up a password hint after you have successfully signed in. 

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Request a New Password

Click here to request a new password. The Vibase keeps passwords in a one-way encrypted form.  The Vibase staff does not have access to your password and cannot help you recover it. If you forget your current password, you will need to request a new one. 

The process starts with you completing a form.  After submitting your request, a new Access Code will be sent to your business or to the e-mail address on file of your Main Contact. Instructions with your Access Code tell you how to reset your password. You will be able to sign in with the new password.

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