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Your VIP username and the corresponding password are used to sign in and identify your VIP membership account. The goal of the sign-in process is to protect your  membership account.

Username and Password Security

The protection of your VIP membership account  starts with you. If you let others know your username and especially your password, they can sign in as you and use your VIP membership account. These are some of the recommended steps that you can follow to protect your VIP membership account:

  1. The VIP username does not have to be highly protected. When you contact Viba Fima for support, the support staff will likely begin by asking you about your VIP username. However, it is good practice to give out the VIP username only on a need-to-know basis. There is no particular reason for you to let strangers know about your VIP username since it is one of the two pieces of data required during sign-in.
  2. The other piece of data is your password. On no occasion should you ever give out the password, unless you want the recipient to be able to sign in and use your VIP membership account.  YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD TO THE VIBA FIMA STAFF, even if requested. Instead, you should report this request to a Viba Fima manager since it is against the company policy for staff to solicit the password information.
  3. When you sign in to the Vibase, some Web browsers will offer to remember your username and password. It is recommended that you should NOT use this feature, for the following reasons:
    • This feature seems convenient, but only if you can secure the physical access to the computer you are using to sign in. Otherwise, anybody who has access to this computer will be able to sign in as you. This is especially true if you are using a public computer, such as those in a public library.
    • If you let the browser remember your password, you tend to forget what it is. When you need to sign in from another computer, you may forget what the password is. Out of sight, out of mind.


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