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Legal Notices

These are the Lawyer's Delight pages. You can find all the legal stuff about your rights and responsibilities in using the Vibase. You can also find Viba Fima's legal obligations and disclaimers to you, too. There is a lot of legalese here to basically say that we should be nice to one another.

Terms Of Usage (ToU)
There is a generic ToU that covers the general use of the Vibase. For each Vibary Service, there may be a complimentary Addendum specific to that service. Please review the generic Terms of Usage.

Privacy Policy
We collect enough information about you to offer you our services and to sustain our business. We may aggregate your information for third parties but we do not allow them to identify you personally, unless you have permitted us to do so. Please review the full Privacy Policy.

Termination Policy
To use the Vibase, you must first register to be a VIP member.  You can terminate your membership at any time. Membership termination is easy, but so is reactivation if you decide to come back.

Account Management
All the details about your membership account are accounted for here.

We like to trademark the unique terms we use to identify our services. The Vibase may contain other marks that belong to third parties not affiliated with Viba Fima, inc. The government blesses their marks and ours, and wants us to display this trademark notice.


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