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Viba Fima, inc., the owner of the Vibase site does not require you to provide a credit card in order to become a VIP member. Viba Fima retains the service of a 3rd-party payment provider in order to get payment from you. You may have to provide a credit card or other means of payment, such as a checking account, to that provider. This financial information is not known to Viba Fima.


Your Piggey Account is part of your VIP membership. To purchase any of the Vibary Services online, you must have money in your Piggey Account. When a Vibary Service is purchased, the Listing Fee or Placement Fee of the service is deducted from your Piggey Account.

Money is deposited into your Piggey Account through: 

  1. Your payments via the 3rd-party payment provider
  2. Promotions from Viba Fima

You can access and manage your Piggey Account online at any time. Just sign in to the Vibase and select Piggey Account on the main page. 


The balance from the money you put into your Piggey Account is called the Paid-In Balance. When you purchase a Vibary Service, the Paid-In Balance will be debited only after the Promotional Balance has been depleted.


The balance from the money you get from Viba Fima's promotions is called the Promotional Balance. The Promotional Balance will be used first before the Paid-In Balance, to pay for Vibary Services.

If during ordering a Vibary Service, an error occurs and the transaction needs to be rolled back, all money used in the transaction will be rolled back into the Promotional Balance, including any money originally taken from the Paid-In Balance.


When you withdraw an order, you may receive a credit for the Listing or Placement Fee back to your Piggey Account.  The amount of credit is based on how many weeks left on your original order. For example if your order is for 5 weeks and now has run for 2 weeks, your credit will be based on the remaining 3 weeks. A week runs from Monday to Sunday. If a week has started, it is deemed "used" and you will not get any full or partial credit for it. 

The credit, if any, will be assigned to the Promotional Balance, even if the original payment has come from the Paid-In Balance. This credit is a "store credit" to be used for subsequent orders but not for refund for cash.



In the event that Viba Fima cannot provide full performance to discharge its contractual obligations of a purchased order, and Force Majeure  does not apply, Viba Fima's liability will be limited to the purchase value of the service. The amount owed to you will be calculated on a pro-rata weekly basis (see Order Withdrawal Credit) and credited to the Promotional Balance of your Piggey Account.


A refund can occur under the following circumstances: 

  • You terminate your VIP membership
  • You request a refund of your Paid-In Balance

You terminate your VIP membership
In the event that you terminate your VIP membership, you are entitled to a refund of the current Paid-In Balance. You can request your refund at the time you submit your termination request.

There is no refund for the Promotional Balance. When you terminate your VIP membership, you will forfeit your Promotional Balance.

The refund process is for you to get back the money you put in and do not plan to use to purchase the Vibase services. This money is in the Paid-In Balance. The money in the Promotional Balance is granted to you by us for you to purchase the Vibase services. It cannot be refunded for cash.

You request a refund of your Paid-In Balance
You can request the full refund of the current Paid-In Balance at any time. To request a refund, sign in on the Vibase and go to the Piggey Account section.

You can only have one refund request pending at any given time. When it is being processed, you cannot request another refund.

When your refund request is being processed, you cannot deposit new money into your Piggey Account. You have to cancel your refund request before being allowed to initiate the Replenish Piggey action.

Refund amount
Whether you are requesting a refund or terminating your VIP membership, the amount refunded will be the full amount in the Paid-In Balance. No partial refund of the Paid-In Balance will be honored.

Refund payment method
The refund will be sent to you using the 3rd-party payment provider the Vibase is currently using. It may or may not be the same provider that was used by you to deposit funds into your Paid-In Balance. You are required to have an account with that 3rd-party payment provider. You will need to set up such an account if you do not yet have one. During the refund form entry, you will be required to enter the public account identification so that the refund can be sent to you.

Refund processing
Your refund request will be manually reviewed. It may take up to 2 weeks for your refund request to be reviewed. During the review process, our staff may contact the person who submitted the request, and the VIP account owner, to verify the request. If everything checks out, our reviewing staff will approve the request, and the refund will be promptly processed by the 3-rd party payment provider.

Refund rejection
Our reviewing staff may reject your refund request due to various reasons, including verification failures, frequent frivolous requests, no money in the Paid-In Balance at the time of the review, and rejection by the payment provider.

A rejection is final. You will receive the reason for the rejection. Once you have fixed the issue, you can submit the refund request again.

You cancel your refund request of your Paid-In Balance
You can cancel of a refund request of the Paid-In Balance at any time before it has been processed. You have to cancel such a request if you want to reverse your refund decision, or need to add additional money to your Paid-In Balance via the Replenish Piggey action in order to fulfill a new purchase.

If your refund request has been processed, you can restore your Paid-In Balance by depositing new money in your Piggey Balance via the Replenish Piggey facility.


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