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If you haven't already, please review our Membership Termination Guidelines for important information before submitting your termination request.

When you terminate your membership, we ask you to withdraw all current orders. If you have a Paid-In balance in your Piggey Account, please consult our Refund Policy.

When your termination request is submitted and completed successfully, your account is moved to our inactive list for 183 days. During this inactive period, this Vibase site will not accept a sign-in using your VIP username and password. However, during this time, you will still be able to reactivate your account (the only action allowable). Your account will then be restored.

After the inactive period, if the account has not been reactivated, any remaining CONFIDENTIAL information about your business will be deleted from our system. We will retain the PRIVATE information in our offline records; the PRIVATE information will be handled per our Privacy Policy. We will retain and publish the PUBLIC information on the Vibary Network for consumers for general viewing.


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